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New skills key to Kira's success

Developing new and exciting skills through TAFE NSW has allowed Business student Kira Newton to take on an increased workload, new challenges and thrive in her workplace.


After recognising the need to improve her skill set to help successfully fill her Administration role at Tamworth Golf Club, Ms Newton successfully completed a Certificate III in Business Administration at TAFE NSW, with the results proving mutually valuable for her and her employer.


Kira Newton


“I found TAFE beneficial as I needed some extra training to help with my new role. Now I’ve graduated I have found my daily tasks are easier and I can take on more tasks that my boss throws my way,” she said.


“Thanks to the support of the Tamworth Golf Club, and the flexible learning options available at TAFE NSW, I was able to complete the course in four months rather than eight.


“I have always had a fear of studying, but since completing this course, I have more confidence in myself and I feel like I am a lot closer to achieving my career goals.”


TAFE NSW Business Administration teacher Kerrie Honeyman paid tribute to Ms Newton, commending her motivation and attention to detail.


“Kira was able to pick things up very quickly and told me she had implemented in the workplace what she had learnt in the classroom,” she said.


“Her ability to learn, dedication and hard-working attitude enabled her to complete the qualification early.”


“I would encourage anyone wishing to learn new skills, not to be scared and consider going to TAFE,” Ms Newton said.