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Workplace Assessment Service

TAFE New England teachers and key representatives of the University of New England, celebrated the success of eight UNE staff members who have completed their Diploma of Business Administration at a function earlier this week.

The TAFE New England Workplace Assessment Service recognises that many thriving regional businesses have employees who have been working within the business for a long period of time (in some cases more than 20 years), yet the skills and capabilities of these employees have, until now, not been formally recognised.

The service allows TAFE New England assessment staff to enter a workplace and identify the skill gaps of employees, enrol the employees as students and deliver the training required in the workplace, which is particularly beneficial to employees who might not have otherwise been able to gain qualifications due to personal circumstances.

University of New England employees, Nicole Killen and Lindy Hodgkinson are two of the students who have completed their Diplomas of Business Administration by participating in the Workplace Assessment Service.

“The best thing about obtaining a Diploma from TAFE New England is the flexibility of the course and being able to study when it suited and the endless support from the teachers”, Ms Killen said.  

The course was not difficult as I was familiar with the content having worked in business admin for many years so the language was not new, but it did expand on the knowledge that I already have and provided different and new ways of doing things.”

Lindy Hodgkison said: “The ability to be workplace assessed for units in your own work space is fabulous as it allows you to demonstrate your skills and experience in a very real way.  I found this method of one-on-one assessment to be very personal and a great way to show first hand your knowledge and experience.  The support from the TNE Staff, Lisa and Kay was tremendous.”

“I told my assessor, Lisa Faulkner, that I felt like a door I didn’t even know was there had been opened,” Linda said.

For further information about how your business can benefit from the TAFE New England Workplace Assessment Service, please contact Lisa Faulkner on 6773 7754.