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Research reveals exciting employment opportunities for Tamworth

Important research into Tamworth and the North West region of NSW has revealed there are some exciting employment growth areas forecast for the region over the next three years, including construction, aged care, early childhood care and real estate industries.

Adam Bennett


TAFE NSW Deputy Regional General Manager Adam Bennett said the research, which was conducted by Australia’s largest training organisation, revealed predicted growth in full-time employment opportunities in the North West thanks to a number of important factors.


“Tamworth and the greater North West has high skill shortage rates, an ageing population and a number of large investments in the region – all key factors that will open the doors to many exciting potential employment opportunities,” Mr Bennett said.


“The North West has a very diverse economy, with strong activity in technology and business, supply chain and eCommerce, health, wellbeing and community services and agriculture.


“With the construction and development of a number of new and improved health care facilities and the region being identified as a renewable energy hotspot, this will continue to generate increased demand for skilled workers.


“Research revealed TAFE NSW is by far the biggest trainer of students in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) space in these growth areas in the North West of NSW, making up 58 per cent of all VET enrolments in the region.


“I believe this number is so high because employers trust our training and students know that training at TAFE NSW can result in exciting, real-life employment opportunities.


“TAFE NSW offers quality and extensive training in all industries predicted for growth, including construction, health, early childhood care, administration, hospitality, retail, finance and property management - just to name a few.


“With more than 1200 courses available at TAFE NSW, and with current and future job prospects looking bright, there’s never been a better time to consider enrolling at TAFE NSW.”


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Key facts for Tamworth and the North West of NSW:

  • Top five industries by employment size: 1 - Technology and business services; 2- Supply chain and eCommerce; 3 - Health, wellbeing and community services; 4 – Infrastructure, energy and construction; 5 – Agribusiness.

  • Fastest predicted growth occupations: 1 - Project builder; 2 – Early childhood teacher; 3 – Caretaker; 4 – Property manager; 5 – Supply and distribution manager.

  • Employment is forecast to grow by 1440 jobs (of 1.7%).

  • The youth employment rate is forecast to fall to 18.7% for those aged 15-19 and 10.6% for those aged 20-24.

  • Health, wellbeing and community services is forecast to have the biggest employment increase over the 2018-2021 period with around 1670 additional workers (or 4.0% increase);

  • Around 200 additional aged or disabled carers are forecast over the 2018-2021 period (5.6% increase);

  • TAFE NSW is the largest provider of Vocational Education Training in North West NSW, with 58% of all students studying at TAFE NSW;

  • Employment in the Technology and business service industry is forecast to increase by 1580 workers (or 3.6%);

  • Employment in Infrastructure, energy and construction is forecast to increase by 1110 workers (or 2.7%);