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Proud Aboriginal students take first step in Police career

12 Aboriginal students from across the region will commence their career journey into the NSW Police Force when they attend the TAFE New England Tamworth campus today as IPROWD (Indigenous Police Recruitment Our Way Delivery) students.

The students will travel from Glen Innes, Gunnedah, Inverell and Moree to study with students from Tamworth.

This is the sixth year that TAFE New England will facilitate the program, which successfully ensured the recruitment of four students from the 2015 program, into the NSW Police Academy.

TAFE New England Aboriginal Learning Circle Manager, Shaun Allan, said “The IPROWD program is an important resource for Aboriginal people throughout our region”.

“Our students have identified a career path and it is very rewarding for us, as a training provider, to be able to help Aboriginal students achieve their career goals and eventually get them back to assist their communities”, Mr Allan said.

The program, which will last the duration of Term 1, will cover a range of topics including communication skills, mathematics, fitness and Aboriginal cultural subjects which will ensure the students have the necessary skills and confidence to apply for a career with the NSW Police Force.

The IPROWD program was developed by the NSW Police Force and TAFE NSW. After completion of the program, TAFE New England provides support and assistance to complete applications, medicals and to attend the fitness and psychometric tests as part of the NSW Police recruitment process.