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Young people gain job skills with TAFE New England

While statistics continue to reflect the challenges for young people living and working in regional areas, TAFE New England’s teachers are constantly innovating to assist students in gaining the skills they need for the job they want, and meeting the needs of local employers.

The innovative Certificate II in Retail/LLN (Language, Literacy and Numeracy) course is an example of this, and was recently undertaken by a group of students at TAFE New England’s Armidale Campus.  The course combines units from business, and foundation skills, and saw students spending time on campus studying with TNE’s teaching staff, and participating in work placement with local businesses, to develop hands-on skills. 

Staff at TAFE New England were delighted to hear that three of the students have already secured paid employment.  Teacher Joanna Thomas says this is the best possible outcome and highlights the value of work placement.

‘There are many opportunities for young people to undertake study, but without the opportunity to practice skills in a ‘real-world’ environment, it can be difficult for young people to make the transition to the workplace,’ Ms Thomas said.

‘At TAFE New England, we are very proud of our close relationships with employers and industry, and the fact that we are committed to ensuring students gain not only a nationally-recognised qualification…but the skills they need for the job they want,’ Ms Thomas said.

 ‘We also work closely with community organisations such as Careers Network, and their local representative Ingrid Evan was instrumental in finding suitable work placements for our students,’ Ms Thomas said. 

For more information on studying with TAFE New England, visit or contact the Customer Support Centre on 1800 448 176.