Student Accommodation


Finding the right place to live, while you’re studying, is important. This information is designed to help students find suitable accommodation near their study location.

Accommodation ranging from short term or long term, hostel or share-house, basic or five star accommodation is included in our guide to assist students in their search to find accommodation to suit their needs.

Finding Somewhere to Live

Before you start your search, consider your own needs and expectations in relation to the type, cost and location of the accommodation you are looking for. We’ve outlined a few things to consider below:

What sort of Accommodation do you need?

When you are looking for somewhere to live you need to think about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of accommodation. Do you need:

  • A house
  • A flat
  • Public housing
  • A boarding house or hostel
  • Share accommodation

What location do you want?

Think about where you want to live and consider factors like:

  • Whether it is near public transport
  • If it is far from your study location

How much can you afford?

Consider factors like rent and bond and the other costs of setting up a house, such as electricity, connection fees and deposits for telephone and gas, plus house contents insurance.

Where can you find out about places to rent?

Browse the “To Let” and “Wanted” columns of the classifieds in local newspapers

Check real estate agency noticeboards and rental availability lists