Property Services (Real Estate Salesperson)

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Property Services (Real Estate Salesperson)
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This course provides you with the necessary foundation skills and knowledge to
satisfy statutory registration requirements under the NSW Property, Stock and
Business Agents Act 2002 for a Certificate of Registration in Real Estate (Real
Estate Salesperson - registered person) as required by the NSW Office of Fair
Trading (OFT).

You will learn about basic concepts, legal and statutory requirements, consumer
and agency risk management awareness, agency procedures and processes, along
with effective communication skills in exercising and performing the various
functions of a certificate of registration holder (as defined by the Act) in the
buying, selling, exchange, lease, management, assignment or otherwise disposal
of any land or to collect rents etc.

Entry Requirements

NSW School Certificate (or equivalent)

Career Opportunities

Entry level real estate agency trainee, registered urban real estate operative,
salesperson, property manager, assistant salesperson/property manager.

Study Options

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