Non-Friable Asbestos Removal

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Non-Friable Asbestos Removal
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This SafeWork Approved course in non-friable asbestos removal is for persons working with, or intending to work with non-friable asbestos containing material (ACM).

This is a nationally recognised course to meet harmonised WHS legislation and state licensing requirements for non-friable (bonded) asbestos removal (CPCCDE3014A). Successful completion of this course will equip learners with the knowledge and skills of personal safety and containment procedures which are essential when working with or removing non-friable ACM.

Application of these procedures in the workplace ensures that work is performed in an efficient manner whilst affording the best possible protection against inhaling asbestos fibres for all workers in the vicinity of the removal area. Applicants who complete this course can perform non- friable asbestos removal work for enterprises who hold a Class B Non-Friable Asbestos Removal licence issued by SafeWork NSW.

The class B licence is more common and allows you to remove 10 square metres or more of non friable asbestos, like fibro sheets. Having a class B licence only allows you to remove the asbestos contaminated dust or debris (ACD) that is directly associated with the removal of non friable asbestos.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must hold a Work Cover NSW issued Construction Induction Card (White
Card) or equivalent.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities include work in the asbestos removal or building
demolition industry.

Study Options

For further information contact the Customer Service Centre on 1800 448 176 (Free Call).