Licensing in Elevated Work Platform

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Licensing in Elevated Work Platform
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This course provides the skills and knowledge required for the operation of a elevating work platform (over 11m) - for Boom Type Elevating Work Platforms only - in preparation for the SafeWork NSW Assessment (WP).

You will complete theory and practical skills that are required to prepared you for SafeWork NSW assessment
Please note: this course is aimed at the use of Boom Type Elevating Work Platforms only - not Scissor Lifts.

Topics covered include:
* Job planning/preparation
* Routine checks of EWP/hydraulic platform
* Locate equipment in place for work application
* Elevate platform to work location
* Lower platform & shut down
* Clean up on completion of job

Entry Requirements

Participants MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD to participate in this course. It is extremely important that participants provide documents of identity that add up to 100 points on the day of assessment. These documents should be the same documents that you will provide to the Australia Post Customer Service Officer as evidence of identity when you lodge your application. A detailed list of the POI requirements will be made available to the participant upon registration into the course.
The course fee does not include the Application Fee for the high risk licence. The cost for the licence is approximately $72.50
If the participant requires a verbal assessment, this must be specified at the time of registration. A verbal assessment will incur an additional fee of $180.

Study Options

For further information contact the Customer Service Centre on 1800 448 176 (Free Call).