AutoCAD Level 1

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AutoCAD Level 1
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This course will give you an overview of the AutoCAD operating system commands,
menus and techniques, and the skills and knowledge necessary to produce 2D
annotated working drawings for a wide variety of drafting disciplines.

Topics covered are:
- AutoCAD menus
- AutoCAD toolbars
- All two dimensional drawing commands
- AutoCAD terminology
- The AutoCAD drawing editor
- Co-ordinate systems
- Basic Plotting/printing techniques
- Layers, colours and linetypes
- Hatching
- Introduction to Modelspace and Paperspace concepts.

Software version AutoCAD 2016 by Autodesk will be used.

There are no formal entry requirements for this program.

Career Opportunities

After completing this course applicants will have improved employment
opportunities in Computer Aided Drafting Firms. This course will enable users to
complete advanced drawings in many fields including Mechanical Engineering and
Building Services.

Study Options

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